How to Beat the Mid-Week Blues

Following a hectic start of the week, one may feel exhausted and tired by mid-week. You feel overwhelmed, dreading each day as you get up and go to work. We all have days at work where we feel exhausted and tired only to realize it is just mid-week. This feeling is referred to as the mid-week blues.

Mid-week blues may lead you to feel unproductive and inefficient but if left unchecked they can lead to chronic stress. A survey shows that 83% of the US task force suffers from work-related stress. Preserving mental health in the workspace is crucial as it transcends into other facets of life. Another survey shows that 76% of American workers believe that work-related stress affects their relationships.

Here is how you can beat mid-week blues.

Find a Creative Outlet

If you are struggling with work-related stress or feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to deal with at your job, a creative outlet can do wonders for you. It can serve as a form of escape from a difficult situation and help you express yourself better.

There is a sense of catharsis one gets upon indulging in a creative activity like painting, writing, or drawing. You get to channel all your stress into a said creative outlet and watch it transform into something beautiful and productive. Who knows you might just find passion or love for something creative an aspect you thought of exploring before

Sit Back and Relax

Think about it, if you push all forms of relaxation to the weekend, you will loathe the weekdays and dread when the weekend ends. It is important to have some form of stress-relieving activity that you can turn to in case work gets overwhelming.

This will differ for everyone. Whether it is a relaxing foot massage or reading your favorite book, sit back and relax some time to yourself. You will be surprised how helpful a stress-breaking activity is in enhancing your productivity at work and your mood.

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Practiced for thousands of years, meditation initially was a way to understand the complexities of nature and other forces of life. It is now considered a tested technique to battle workplace stress. Research by Johns Hopkins University finds meditation to be meaningful in dealing with anxiety, stress, and pain.

Another research that studied the effects of meditation on work-related stress, found individuals who were on a mindfulness program displayed signs of improved mental and physical well-being.

Meditation is often misconstrued as impractical. When asked about meditation, people get this image of yogis traveling to the mountains to achieve the utmost quiet and spending hours meditating. The digital era has made it a lot simpler.

All you need is a few minutes of the day and a peaceful environment. You can download apps like Headspace and Breathe that offer guided meditation tutorials.

Pamper Yourself

While rewarding yourself with a spa day or indulgent meal at the end of the week is good, limiting relaxation to the end of the week may be counterproductive. Try having a mini-ritual that can help you battle some stress of work. This could be putting on a facemask, taking a hot shower and following that with your skincare routine, or simply going out for a lovely meal.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

If you feel overwhelmed or stressed with work, call a family member or friend you enjoy having conversations with. We usually wait until the weekend to make plans with our friends but times like these may require some additional support.

Meet a friend for coffee or grab a quick lunch to chat. You will be surprised at how people we care about can alleviate our moods and provide some much-needed motivation.

In Conclusion

There will always be elements of work that bring stress. It is important to have effective mechanisms in place that can help you rise above difficult circumstances. Try one of our tips to beat the mid-week blues and make it through the week.

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