FUT 23: Chemistry Rework

Buy FIFA 23 coins at best price on FUTEAMGO, we guarantee safe transaction method and fast delivery. FUT 23 Ultimate Team will feature a chemistry overhaul, we are going to reveal the pros and cons of this potentially new method. Since the latest changes have not always been successful for FUT, it’s easy to feel skeptical when we hear about the next overhaul.

Some leak suggests that FUT 23 could very well see a change in chemistry. The leak suggests that chemical bonds between nations and leagues will be in the history, and all players will be able to link with each other. The leak also suggests Chemistry will be replaced, by a new system whereby teams can achieve a 3 Chemistry Stars for their team at most.

If the leaks turn out to be true, we may be in for another change that will nullify some of the authentic Ultimate Team challenges. One of the biggest challenges for any FUT player is to find a way to fit their players into a team without sacrificing chemistry. Since chemistry plays an important role in player outcomes, depriving this element could result in even more ridiculous teams in FUT 23.

This change could also be dead sentence for Icons: their special ability to bond with everyone becomes completely irrelevant. Over the past few years, the importance and relevance of Icons has waned as FUT 22 constantly releases promos that supplant Legendary offerings.

While having legendary players on a team will always be new, further tweaks to their abilities would be absolutely essential to keep them from becoming pointless. As prices drop and the proposed chemistry change is yet another kick in the teeth, icons will need some serious savings in FUT 23.

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