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Cyber Monday VPN Bargains

Black Friday is a day when most major VPN providers offer great sales. Many of these deals are only available on this day, but if you’re looking for a more significant discount, Cyber Monday is the way to go. Despite the name, Black Friday does not actually mean that the VPN provider will be offering free trials to their service. Instead, these offers are only valid for a few days, but there’s always a chance that they will be even cheaper on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was originally a day for retailers to promote deals on computer products and software. The term was coined by NRF executive Ellen Davis, who originally used it to refer to computers before the internet became widespread. Today, it is used for everything from productivity software to virtual reality. However, Cyber Monday deals are also available on a number of VPNs and IoT Security.


If you’re interested in VPN bargains, Cyber Monday is the day to buy it. NordVPN is currently running a seventy-five percent sale on all long-term plans. In addition, ExpressVPN and Tunnelbear are both offering similar deals. You can also save money on antivirus software. Last year, many vendors cut prices by as much as 60%.

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