Board VS Competitive Exam: A Comprehensive Guide for Students

Exams has always been hectic for students, it can be unpleasant for some students while for some others it can be good or normal to prepare for examinations. They might not fear examinations or grades or preparation.

Most of the students who want to sit for competitive examinations start their preparation from class 11 to save their time and effort. You can prepare with the help of JEE mock tests.

For optimism, make sure you complete your preparation on time.

What is the difference between board and Competitive examination?

There is a huge difference between Board Examinations and Competitive Examinations:

Board Examination Competitive Examination
Knowledge of Facts, figures and theories of the respective class is enough in the board examination. In competitive examination, it is necessary to understand about the fundamental concepts of the respected classes as well
It basically contains the syllabus and concepts of the particular class It carries not only the syllabus of different classes but also the fundamentals of the subjects.
Mostly subjective questions are asked in the board examination of class 10 & 12. Mostly objective questions are asked in the competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, BITSAT, etc. Prepare for your competitive examination with the help of NEET Mock test.
We don’t say that board examinations are not complex but still most of the students clear their board examinations. Competitive examinations are much more complicated, this is the test of elimination. Only few students can clear it.
Attempting all the questions is necessary in the board examination whether you know the answer or not. In competitive examinations, it is necessary to attempt the questions which you know about
Negetive Marking is not there in the board examination. In competitive examinations, negative marking is there.

Balance between Board Examination and Competitive Examination

Most people think that competitive tests are hard. However, that is not the case. Competitive tests differ from board tests in terms of questions as we’ve mentioned above. Moreover, the basis for both tests is the same as that you start with basic books like NCERT and NCERT solutions. If you know how to get out of both, it’s easy. 

  • The balance is necessary because it is necessary to get a good score in Board examinations and in the competitive examinations. There are several reasons for it:
  • For college applications you need a good score in the board examinations.
  • As for competitive examinations, if you don’t get a good rank you’ll not be eligible to get accepted in the college.
  • Getting a good score in the board examination implies a clearance of basics

 Follow the simple steps and boom! You will be convinced of both of these tests.

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1. Understand the syllabus and pattern of the examination

You need to have a clear idea of ​​the board test and competition tests. It will help you create your own learning strategy. For example, board tests focus on theoretical aspects of topics while competitive tests focus on the application of concepts.

Similarly, board tests often include thoughtful questions that assess your thinking, analysis, and descriptive skills. While competitive examination tests your mental health, fitness, and how quickly you can solve a question.

2. Increase your speed

Speed is essential whether you are writing board examination or competitive examination. On one hand there’s board examination which has subjective questions and need your writing speed as the examination paper can be a bit longer while on the other there are competitive examinations which has objective questions mostly but need extra care and speed due to less time and the negative marking.

3. Good mentor is a must

Having a good mentor is important as a good mentor can only help you to balance between the board examination preparation and competitive exam preparation. The path to competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, and BITSAT can be complexive and chaotic at times. You need to make sure that you’re getting the right path and guidance from the people then only you can achieve your goal. You can also refer to NCERT solutions for class 10 maths to clear your fundamentals.

4. Find out the common topics

As we discussed above, your syllabus for both board and competing tests are the same, which can ultimately serve as a benefit to your preparation. Therefore, you need to go through the lessons and make a list of common topics in both. Your priority should be to complete these common topics first.

This way you can complete 30% preparation for both tests at the same time. Also, in competitive exams (JEE / NEET), you can link Chemistry, Maths, and Biology topics from 11th and 12th classes. 

5. Prioritize your work

Since you know that both exercises are important to you, so do not assume that you need to balance both at all times. You need to learn to prioritize one another in order to be able to adjust the effective time allocation of time to both.

Also, if you know that admission to your intended college is due to scholarships based on achieving success, then board exams should be a priority for you and in the meantime, competing exams should be considered a postponement or vice versa. However, always remember that you have to pass your boards in order to be accepted into college.

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