Award-Winning Montessori School and Day Care Programs

Schools get established to impart knowledge and aid in the cognitive development of kids and adults through various levels of education. With the proper education, an individual gets to have a clear understanding of the things that happen around them and the best ways to handle specific circumstances to achieve positive output and results. The school programs get well-created so that every child that goes through the school gets an exceptional experience and child care. Montessori school in Addison, Texas, is an award-winning school and daycare with working programs that improve the lives of its students. The school is located a few kilometers off President George Bush Turnpike, with its location favorable to the residents of the area.

Infant Program

The Montessori school in Addison, Texas, infant development program aims to promote infant children. The program targets children aged between six weeks to eighteen months and aims to optimize every child’s development. Some of the key concepts that they focus on include the development of basic trust and offering assistance in the child’s personality development. The school facilitates independence through learning where the infants participate in the daycare’s daily routine. In addition, infants learn their senses through freely watching and moving, which is essential to improving and developing the infant’s potential. Also, the school considers the infant as a whole person, and they get spoken to in a language they’ll use to communicate.

STEM program

At Montessori school in Addison, Texas, it gets well crafted to offer the children the best learning experience. Through the STEM program, a curriculum that’s entirely based on educating children on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines through an applied and interdisciplinary approach. The program combines the disciplines into a cohesive learning paradigm that is well based on real-world applications. The process effectively exposes the child to real-world happenings and how everything works, thus preparing them for the real world outside home and school. At the Montessori school in Addison, Texas, professionals use the program to stimulate the emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of the children they handle, thereby fostering creativity and the proper development of a positive self-image.

Preschool program

Preschool comes in handy for children who aren’t old enough to go to school and prepares the children for the school-going age. Montessori school in Addison, Texas, provides more than what gets expected of a preschool through the motivation of children to embrace their independence. The professionals go a mile to assist parents through the preschool selection process to get the right one that meets their various needs.

Kindergarten program

Kindergarten plays a massive role in child development while offering the proper education for cognitive development. At the Montessori school in Addison, Texas, professionals work with a commitment to develop and improve the child’s social skills and active personal learning. Some of the ways that the kindergarten objectives get achieved are through stimulation and numerous sensory teaching materials. The learning technique makes the school stand out from other kindergartens.

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