AR Technologies Will Converge With Voice Commands to Deliver an Absurd Encounter

In the near future, AR technologies will be able to combine computer-based intelligence with voice commands to deliver an astounding experience. The technology is already being used by GE to train factory workers in the complex wiring processes necessary for wind turbines. By using AR in these environments, GE achieved a 34% increase in productivity. Moreover, the tech is quickly becoming affordable, making it feasible for many companies to invest in this kind of technology.


The rapid advancement of AI and AR has fueled an increased emphasis on the importance of user interface and ergonomics. In recent years, products have become differentiating for how they convey information. Embedded screens, like those on Sonos audio players, have been replaced with mobile apps. AR is poised to dramatically improve the interfaces of everyday products. In addition to improving user experiences, it also enhances the capabilities of human designers.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is one example of how AR can transform the way we interact with our environment. In the future, this technology will enable people to tap into the digital revolution in ways never before possible. By combining computer-based intelligence with human creativity, this technology can transform the way we live and work. Its capabilities will help us to better tap into this digital revolution, and will allow us to enjoy the many benefits that it has to offer.

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