5 Tips for Pet Parents to Curb Hair Loss in Pet Dogs

Shedding is a normal part of a furry pet’s skin health. Old or damaged hair is gotten rid of time and again. The quantity of hair shed by a furry animal depends mainly on its breed, whether it has a single/double coat and the time of the year.

Yet, some canines shed more than others. And we may attribute excessive shedding to factors like food and diet, allergies, and health conditions. Health issues due to bacterial/fungal infections, parasites, immune deficiency diseases, kidney/liver/thyroid/adrenal problems, and much more can cause enormous hair loss in pets.

If you have already purchased pet health insurance, your pet puppy or doggy may have better chances of getting top-class medical care with little economic burden on you. The best pet insurance includes vet visits, prescriptions, diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, etc, during times of illness and injury. Providing good medical care for your pet at these times no longer has to be an expensive affair.

Though not all members of the fur fraternity shed the same, it will be pretty helpful to know how to lower it. In this article, we have some tips that potentially reduce your fur baby’s shedding.

#1 Switch to a healthy diet

A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can strengthen your pet doggo’s hair follicles. Also, you may consult your vet to learn about Omega-3 fatty acid supplements that nourish your pet pal’s hair. Nutrition supplements rejuvenate weak hair and add a luster to the coat. In addition, they enhance your doggo’s bone, joint and heart health and immune system. In any case, feed your pet any form of supplement only after taking the vet’s advice.

#2 Give occasional baths

Giving your doggo timely baths to clear out dead hair is a must. The bathing ritual becomes all the more critical in the summertime to keep your pet fresh and clean. When you head to the pet store, you may pick a few organic bathing products and deshedding shampoos/conditioners that are mild on your pet’s skin. Select such pet bathing essentials that don’t dehydrate your pet.

#3 Regular hair brushing

Dogs with long coats need more brushing than those with short coats. Combing your pet doggo’s hair regularly is a brilliant way to do away with loose hair. It helps you with keeping the indoors neat. Now, you don’t have to be anxious about finding heaps of dog hair on the floor, furniture, clothes, beds, etc. Check out the wire-pin, rubber, slicker, or bristle brushes available in the pet stores and purchase one that is most likely to be gentle on your doggo’s body.

#4 Use shedding tools

Shedding tools are stainless steel pointed brushes that help you pull up and discard the excess hair in your doggo’s undercoat. It is an incredible hack to remove damaged hair that will be shed anytime soon by your pet. Such tools come to good use when you want to weed out dead hair that would otherwise turn your home into a pet hair land.

#5 Ensure hydration

Dehydration is one common reason for pet hair loss and skin dryness. Have some bowls full of water here and there, so your doggo has easy access to drink. And make sure your pet is sipping now, and then so they don’t fall prey to dehydration.

Despite taking all these measures, if your doggo is still shedding a significant amount of hair probably, it’s time for a vet visit. Pet health insurance covers much of the cost of non-routine vet visits, illness (depending on the cover chosen), and treatment for medical conditions. So, get the best pet insurance for your pet dog with little medical financial implications for you.

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