3 Steps to Make Solar System Learning Fun

Nowadays, our kids seem to get bored much quicker than we ever did. There are so many things happening in their little world that it becomes difficult for them to sit still without getting bored. With summer around the corner, and warmer temperatures approaching, what better time to teach your elementary-aged children something a little extra. Once the sun sets, and the weather permits, it is a great time to get their little wheels turning when it comes to learning something new and exciting! Begin by pointing out the solar system. Point out the larger planets that are noticeable with the naked eye. Here are 3 steps to make solar system learning fun: search printable lesson plans, plan a DIY styrofoam project as an art project, and teach them the solar system song. 

Printable Lesson Plans

There are so many resources these days that can help us busy moms these days. Everyone knows we can use all the help and resources out there when it comes to raising decent human-beings. A simple google search can get you plenty of ideas, starting with easy printable lesson plans that are age appropriate for really all ages. These activities and lesson plans are engaging and interesting and it will keep them wanting to learn more. These are especially useful for parents that choose to homeschool their children. But also can be used as just a fun activity for any old day at home. 

DIY Styrofoam Project

Hands-on learning is by far one of the most beneficial ways to learn. A really fun way to make an enjoyable learning experience is to provide a DIY styrofoam project of the solar system. First of all, take them with you to the store. Have them help you pick out different materials such as; various sized styrofoam balls, paints, wooden skewers, and string. Have them paint their styrofoam balls in accordance with the corresponding planets. Then, they can either cut them in half and hot glue them to a large poster board or they can use their wooden skewers and string and hang them in order. 

Learning Solar System Songs

There is a song called The Planet Song that your kids will get hooked on. In The Planet Song, each planet will take a turn explaining a little bit about itself in a catchy and memorable way. It is likely that they will begin to ask questions and their minds will be more open to the things that are being taught throughout the song. Play the song multiple times and they will start to memorize and learn. Luckily for us parents, there are multiple planet songs we can search so that we are not stuck listening to the same song over and over; though that is a great way for our children to learn: repetition. 

These are just a few ideas that you can use to open the door to learning so much more about our solar system. And with a solar system project likely approaching in their near future. Make it fun, make it memorable, make it something they will continue to wonder about. 

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